Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lab Five: My Reaction

In this lab my group and I were designated as the Gymnasium group. This means that we were in charge of finding games that relate to the movement skill of the week. This past week it was dribbling and kicking of a ball. My other group members performed games that involved dribbling, so I made up a kicking game that I modified for the age group I thought we were going to work with.
The age group I believed we were going to work with was first to second graders. In fact though we were given the Pre-K's to work with. This is alright, but my game may have been too complex for them to comprehend. The students seemed as though they did not have the basic skills necessary to perform my game. This made the time extremely difficult for me. The students also seemed to be quite rambunctious. They did not want to participate, and they also did not pay much attention when I was explaining the directions. I know this is most likely due to there age. My TA told me to shorten up my directions when working with young children, and also to not worry if one or two children are not paying attention. I will most definitely keep this in mind for when I work with children of this age again.
After the gymnasium we went down to the cafeteria to interact and play with the children. Here I worked with the older kids. We played Lego's, and talked about sports. This was easier for me because the kids were older, and they can somewhat comprehend the concepts that as a teacher you are trying to implement. When I go out into the job market I will most definitely take any job that I am offered, but I feel as though I would work better with older students. Not being High School level, but Elementary to Middle School Level children. This is because at these levels the students still have the drive to participate in Physical Education, as well as the basic movement skills required to implement an effective lesson plan.

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