Monday, September 27, 2010

Should Tag Games be in the Hall of Shame?

The Hall of Shame was established to identify games that are considered unsuitable for the physical education environment. These are games that do in fact require great skill, but have limited physical activity time, have minimal participation, and also sometimes single out and embarrass students. In my opinion any game can do this if not properly taught.
Tag is a game in which seekers go out and try to capture others, so that no one else remains. Their are so many different variations of tag that it does not have to be the grotesque monster of a game that the Hall of Shame presents it to be. The authors use words like "captured/mutilated/killed" as describing words for Tag. Any such topic presented in this light would most definitely seem negative. In order to curve the some what derogatory remarks associated with Tag obviously some modifications must be made. I can see that the excluding of kids after they have been tagged is not a great idea, also that singling out children is not great also. This is why tag games in which kids are not eliminated would work great, such as Blog Tag.
Grouping kids together as pairs, and when captured having them join a bigger group allows for no elimination and team building to occur. No child in this sense is left out of the Tag game. Also their is another form of tag called Coral Tag in which after the children are tag they become pieces of "coral." They sit down where they are and have the ability to tag people that are still runners. If they tag an individual they are able to come back into the game as a runner. This way each child is still involved in the game.
In the end it comes down to how the game is presented to the students, and as a teacher you present all the points you want the students to learn.

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