Sunday, January 23, 2011

Returning to Cortland

Over break I celebrated the holidays with my family and friends. Many different events occurred during this month. I am now in a relationship with a beautiful women named Jessica that is attending SUNY Geneseo, majoring in speech therapy. I also sadly had to stop wrestling due to an injury I suffered just before last semester. This for me is life changing, because not only can I not wrestle, but I cannot participate in physical sports due to the danger it could cause me. This at first was quite depressing, for sports is what I wanted to teach to others. I soon realized that being a physical education teacher involves a broader field than teaching sports. Life long fitness techniques are now my goal. I now realize that this area in the physical education field is the future. I am looking forward to my new classes this semester so I can enhance my knowledge of the field I love.

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