Monday, January 24, 2011

Day One of 255

This was our first day in class, and we were surprised with the assignment of creating a lesson, and then teaching it all in the same class period. Even though this was our first class I have the experience from St. Marys in teaching lessons to students. This all came back to me quite quickly. As we taught our lessons a group of teacher assistants recorded are lesson so that we may learn from it later. After watching the video from todays 255 class I noticed some different behaviors that I do while teaching. I understand that my lesson was a little off in quality due to the fact that I had limited time to prepare, but their were some other behaviors I noticed as well. My voice is loud at first then as my lesson progressed I went down in tone. I need to make sure to be consistent in my tone of voice so that I do not lose the attention of the students. Also I noticed when I talk I tend to stutter. I have always had a bit of a problem with this when talking to large groups, and is something I will need to remedy. Over time though with experience I believe this issue will disappear. I believe that observing myself teach in this manner will help me to correct the way that I teach for the better. I will be able to find my problem areas as I have done here and correct them. Observing others teach as well will be an essential part of my development as a teacher. Personally when I observe others teach, be it my peers, or teachers I always try to take a bit of what they do in their lesson and incorporate it into my own way of teaching. I am looking forward to this semester of 255.

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