Thursday, February 3, 2011

Teaching by Invitation and Intra-Task Variation

Teaching by invitation can be an extremely affective tool for any teacher at all levels. I recently had a lab for PED 434 in which we learned about teaching by invitation to a greater detail than I previously had. Teaching by invitation allows the student to choose the different parameters of a task to match their own specific skills. This allows the teacher to have a greater variety of skill in their classroom while still being on target with their lesson. I found this video below showing examples of this skill being used in the classroom.

I am now going to incorporate this teaching skill into my lessons. I feel like this teaching style will work great for students of all ages.
Another skill that I learned about in more depth was intra-task variation.This allows for the teacher to adjust the skill level of a task for a group, or an individual while the lesson is still in process. This is different from teaching by invitation because the teacher is the one making the decision of about the skill level, and not the student. I have previously heard about this type of teaching skill, but never fully understood how it could be used. Now realizing how great of a tool this can be I will also try and incorporate this method into my lessons. Teaching styles like these two will most certainly make me more confident in my own teaching abilities.

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