Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chapter 9 (Rink)

  • Motivation is a key element in teaching, for it has a direct correlation to learning/personal growth. Here are a few general principles that I found contribute to motivation, learning/personal growth. I believe that being positive is key to promoting motivation. If you as a teacher act positive to the students, meeting their needs then in turn they will act positive back and be open to what you have to teach. Having a variety of teaching strategies is also important, because no two students are the same. So in order to influence every student as a teacher you may have to teach different ways. This way no one is left behind. Also going along with this the teacher must allow the student to function with autonomy, making sure that each task presented is meaningful to the student. If the student feels a greater connection to the task at hand the will be more motivated to complete it. For younger students external motivators like a prize for a certain action could keep the student attentive and active throughout the lesson, also making them work harder so that they can earn the prize. Lastly by helping the student create a longterm goal for themselves within the Physical Education environment will help the student develop intrinsic motivation, the internal feeling of self motivation. 
  • Teachers can promote personal growth of students through personal interaction in many ways. First simply the act of learning the students name gives the student the since that you know them as a person and not a group. Enthusiasm plays a key role in teaching, because the students will feed off of your emotions, if you as a teacher are positive, then the students will be also. Be caring to your students, take in account their feelings and respect them for who they are. Reinforcing morals to your students is a key element. I personally feel that many people now lack respect, and common courtesy. This idea will help them greatly later in life. In turn this teaching of morals will allow the students to understand what are wrong attributes to carry with them. As a teacher do not allow a students misbehavior to effect you personally. Handle it in a positive so that the situation does not progress. The treating of all students equally takes away any jealousy issues that students may have toward classmates, and is a professional act by the teacher. Listen to your students, and observe their responses. This allows the students to voice their feelings, and responses to a task. Personally developing yourself as a teacher is key. Your students will look up to you because of this and strive to be like you. 

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