Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Re-Teaching of Lesson One

In this lesson I had to re-teach the lesson I had taught the first day using the skills I have picked up in the past week and a half of classes. The lesson as before was on Volleyball, and how to properly set a ball. I have no experience in volleyball so the first lesson I taught was well below my capabilities as a teacher, for I had no preparation time. This time though I was able to prepare, and felt confident going into class. When coming up with a lesson you try to imagine what you will say, and some of the reactions of the students. From there as a teacher you come up with a kind of script you want to teach by. When I started teaching I felt like things were not going as I planned. I was lost for words at some points, even though I knew what I wanted to say, and I felt that some of the students were confused by my directions. I have noticed when you are teaching and you feel as though a part of your lesson is going wrong time seems to slow down, and then you begin to get nervous. This happened to me when the students did not understand my directions to form two lines facing the wall. In actuality though it was only a few seconds, but for me it was forever.

While doing this assignment I reviewed my video and I felt a little better about my lesson. It looked as though everything had went well. I was speaking much louder, and clearer,I used different techniques like pinpointing, and checking for understanding. Even while writing my verbal transcript I noticed I made fewer mistakes speaking, like not stuttering. It was not until I went and wrote up my time coding form, which I modified to better suite my lesson that I noticed a huge flaw in my teaching. Instruction had taken up much of my lesson, about 60%. The amount of activity actually performed measure around 28% of my lesson. This was quite embarrassing to see. If this lesson was to be graded by the time coding form alone I would get a 1/5. Even though it looked as if it was well put together in actuality it was not.
The activity I chose I felt was designed to get the most touches of the volley ball in with each student in the alloted time. It was not specific to the game Volleyball, but worked on the principals used in setting. I think if I had more time that the activity portion of my lesson would have been greater. Still even so I believe I need to shorten the length of my instructions. I will try to do a better job of this in my next lesson.

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