Thursday, February 10, 2011

Grading of Physical Education in the Midlakes School District

Earlier this afternoon I interviewed a Physical Educator from the Midlakes School District. He works with younger children around the elementary level. In his classes the students are graded in accordance with the three domains; these being psychomotor, affective, and cognitive.
First the students performance of a task/skill within a lesson are assessed. Then if the child is prepared for physical activities (correct equipment). Lastly the child's understanding of the skill being taught is taken into consideration. These understanding of skills are assessed through quizzes given throughout a unit. Also at this level of teaching it is important for the students to have proper social behavior, because social interaction is crucial for the child's overall cognitive development. With all of these factors taken into account the child is given a letter grade between 1-4 which correlates to the level of functioning that they individually are at. For Middle and High School levels this grading system is similar, with slight variations to account for the age and development of the students. An example of this would be at the High School level where participation, and cognitive understanding of the task/skill is greater emphasized.
Sadly though Physical Education within the Midlakes School District does not count on the overall grade that the student receives in their report cards. Which could be the reason I could not find a link to the grading system for P.E. on their Website. The Physical Educators of Midlakes are in my preference some of the best I have met, for they inspired me to learn to become a Physical Educator. I thank them for everything they have done for me. I have recently found out that they are currently trying to get Physical Education to be a graded class on the student report cards. I have faith that they will succeed in doing so!

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