Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chapter Questions (Rink)

  • Teaching is most definitely a goal oriented process. The goals of the course goes along a curriculum. This outlines all of the instruction that is necessary within the class, and where the student's level of learning should be at a specific time. The problem with most physical educators is that they do not always stick to the curriculum that they had previously designed. This then effects the main outcome, or goal of the lesson. This causes the accountability of physical educators in a school to be lowered due this inefficient planning. This is why it is imperative for goals to be kept, and to follow a curriculum. 
  • Choosing an instructional process for the curriculum is extremely important. These instructional processes are specifically chosen to match the final outcome (goal). So therefore a teacher may need to development many individual instructional processes for short term goals within a curriculum. Then eventually these will lead to the longterm goal. 
  • The students response to  lesson within a movement task is key observable moment for the teacher. During this time the teacher must observe if the students have properly followed the instruction, are in a safe environment, and if the students are on task. This is a period of assessment for the teacher, and how the students respond determines the next appropriate teaching move. This can tell if the students need more instruction on a task, and therefore more time in that particular lesson, or if the students are ready to move on with the another lesson. 

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