Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lab B2: Jump-Rope Lab

This lesson did not go the way I had intended. I had planned almost a week in advanced for this lesson because the tremendous about work my other classes were calling for, and I knew I would not have the time to prepare everything in one week. I had written everything I would say, and how I would react to various complications that may have arose. I found during this lesson though that it was not an outside variable that would be the problem, but instead it would be myself.
I divided my lesson into two parts, each part teaching a skill that had to do with jump-roping. The first half of the lesson was were everything had gone wrong. I wanted to get to the gymnasium early to prepare for lesson, getting all the necessary equipment out, and setting up my display. When I reached the gymnasium about twenty minutes early I had realized I forgot some of my equipment in my room, so I ran back and got most of it, then the rest with the help of my TA. Once this was done I had about seven minutes to prepare, which was not what I planned for. During the first half of my lesson my mind was not into teaching, I failed at not being able to put on my teaching mask. I was still thinking about how frustrated I was that I had planned so hard, and forgot so much. This caused me to forget checking for understanding, and explanation of cues for the first half of my lesson. After I about a minute or two I regrouped in my head, and the second half of the lesson went quite well. I was able to cut my instruction down in time, give congruent feedback, and make my lesson consist of a greater amount of activity than in previous lessons.
This negative outlook to my lesson I later found out was solely my own. The other students that were participating in my lesson did not even realize I had made any mistakes. One of the TA's did not even notice either. This leads me to believe that I may be over critical of myself, which I do not think is necessarily a bad thing, for it makes me work harder. It can be though when it causes my mind to wander while I am teaching. These are situations that I am learning from, and I just need to not make the same mistakes twice. 

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