Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lab C: Breakdancing

In this lab I taught breakdancing The art of breakdancing was a new  subject to me, and before I taught it I learned the dance as best as I could. I spent hours preparing for this lab, and I feel as though that the preparation really helped. When I teach I have a need to organize the learning environment so that many of the external variables that could hinder the lesson become less of a threat. I feel as though the need I have for organization cut down much of the time taken in managing the class during the lesson.

The lesson itself went alright, I would not say that it was perfect by any means, but I feel as though I was able to orate the cues in a manor that everyone participating would understand. The technology part of my lesson had a malfunction, so during my introduction I tried to explain what was seen in the video I was going to present, and the correlation I was going to make to the historical facts that I had prepared. This caused for quite a long introduction, in fact I believe it was almost three minutes before any activity took place, but I felt as though the background information was important and acted as a hook into my lesson.
I decided to start with introductory skills of breakdancing because this is how any unit is started, and I modeled this lesson to the first class of the new breakdancing unit. If I were to reteach this lesson I would probably keep the same skills I had, but probably add one or two more skills. I felt as though the practice of these basic skills started becoming monotonous to some students, and after a while a few started losing interest. I did not notice this as I was teaching, but upon further review of the tape I could see this in the body language and faces of some of participants. Also when I was filling out the feedback form I noticed that I did not give much feedback to the people in the back row of the group. I remember watching them, but I did not give any feedback. I will change this in my future lessons, so that everyone is acknowledged.

For Lab D I want to encompass all that I have learned and observed in the months of being here at Cortland. I truly want to be the best in my field. I want to make an impact on people, and educate them about how to take care of their bodies along with their minds. God only gives a person one body and one mind. This needs to last a person their entire life. I feel like I am here to help people understand how to do so, and I am glad I have the opportunity to make an impact.

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