Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Exit Interview Possibilities

Q: The major problems facing education today is?
A: Well I would say that the overall problem that is affecting education today would be the current crisis brought on by low standardized tests scores. The main response from what I have noticed is to put more emphasis towards Math and English. This causes other subjects, including Physical Education to feel the after effects in a negative manner. I fell as though this lack in emphasis toward other subject areas other is no the answer. According to my philosophies I feel when other classroom subjects (Math, and English) are brought in to Physical Education it allows for that other information to be presented to students in a different modality. These reinforces what they are already taught, and allows for them to retain the information better.

Q: How would you facilitate collaboration between school and home?
A: This first week of classes when the school would have open house I would insist on meeting all of the parents of my students. During this time I would tell them about the Physical Education website that I have developed where everything a parent would want to know about the class would be held. I would constantly promote parental involvement in the many extra-curricular activities we would performing. I am a strong believer in community involvement within the schooling system.

Q: What would you do to improve students achievement?
A: Well first I would perform an authentic assessment to obtain a base measurement of my students within the three domains (cognitive, affective, and psychomotor). Using this baseline I would construct units developed to enhance the areas of concern. I would use teaching by invitation, and intratask variation so that all levels of achievement could benefit and progress throughout the unit.

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