Friday, April 20, 2012


So in today's class we were given the opportunity of participating in "mock interviews." These interviews imitated ones that we would receive during a real life situation. The questions that were asked were based on Physical Education theory, as well as our philosophy on Physical Education.
The days preceding this interview I was quite nervous. I always tend to become nervous whenever I am being questioned, I do not know why, but it happens. Last night though I was thinking to myself, "why be nervous?" Physical Education is something that I love doing, and I have been immersed within it for a large portion of my life. Their was no need to be nervous anymore, so that realization greatly helped me. I dressed up as you would normally dress for a real interview, and off I went, with this newly found confidence. The overall interview was not as intense as I thought it would be. I was only asked two questions. The first dealing with behavioral management, and the second with motivating a student that did not want to participate. These were basic questions, and I feel as though my answers were up to par. I had the basic understanding of what I wanted to say. The smaller details though was were I was lacking. I knew what I truly wanted to say in regards to the behavioral management, but I did not want to sound rude. My interviewer told me after to be honest, and she thought my honest answer was actually much better than the one I constructed. This told me to have more confidence in my thoughts, and to not be afraid of judgement.
This confident way of thinking is one that I will take with me for my "exit interview" that is occurring on Tuesday of next week. This has to do with my time here at Cortland, and my Professional Portfolio that I constructed. I know things will work out. I just need to "Keep Moving Forward!"

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