Saturday, September 29, 2012

September 27th, 2012

Today started off kind of on a sad note. We had an assembly in which a father of a student that had killed himself due to bullying came and talked about his story. These types of stories seem to really get to me, and it started the day on a different type of note. Due the assembly though the class period for the students was cut drastically for the first half of the day. I had to quickly explain the rules to the game of Rugby, and how the application of skill was important to the students within only a short five minute window. For this much information, that was a task! The students though, again did great with it, and were able to somewhat catch on to what was occurring. I had three classes today, so the last two classes were of normal length. The class that I had before lunch I felt did fantastic for the activity. This was kind of my modeling class for the last class of the day. It seems as though all of classes I have had during this lesson have been modified due to off scheduling. The last class I had was the class I had chosen for observation. now the funny part about this though is I told the students we would be have a special guest this day the week prior. That was all I had told them. Now before the class began some how rumors had begun and a story formed that this person was here to grade them on their behavior! The students were all nervous before class, one student looked like he was about to have a panic attack! I told them before we went to the turf that they had nothing to worry about, that this person was a Professor of mine from college, and that they were going to do fine! It was quite funny to see their relieved reactions. Overall the lesson I thought went well. I was somewhat nervous, which I guess is normal, other then that it was great. I did well on my observation, and my goal is to do even better on the next.

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