Saturday, September 29, 2012

September 28th, 2012

Today was an interesting, as well as a long day. For today it was the first day of my lesson five in the rugby unit. We expanded on the application of skill in game play, as well as adding new grading concepts. The first concept that was added was the application of strategy. The entails the students ability to spread out on the field, using the entire field to their advantage. The second was to apply the game rules in a meaningful and correct manor. Many of the students were able to do this, and I have to say that their was a drastic improvement form the first day of game play up until now. I think that every student within my classes today earned a score of four on their application of all three of these concepts. I was even able to have a normal class with my "sample class." Normally I am not able to do this because of assemblies and different scenarios that keep presenting themselves, but today was actually an amazing class for them. Also today we started implementing the final unit quiz on rugby. Now the scores on this I found varied quite a bit. I can tell many of the students did not take the study guide that I gave to them the class prior seriously. This was unfortunate, because it does count toward their overall grade. I believe once they see these scores they will take the next unit more seriously. On a positive note though, all of the scoring, and rule application portions of the test went well. It was just the history that they had trouble with. Also today I was able to coach a practice. We had both varsity and junior varsity practicing in the same gym today. The varsity coach was their observing the junior varsity practice because my host teacher had to leave early. The varsity coach let me run the JV through drills and such as he was their watching me do so. This let him focus more on his varsity team too. Overall it went well, and I feel like coaching the athletes one on one allowed me to understand the activities better. Over all it was a good day.

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