Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 1st,2012

Today was not a great of a day as I would have hoped for. While I was teaching for some reason I was not able to articulate the message that I wanted to get across to the students. We have been performing gameplay for quite some time now and I feel as though the manotomy of the lesson is starting to wear thin on me. it is not bad, but I do enjoy change, and teaching new ideas. the students today were somewhat off task, but they tried to erform the activitiy to the best of their ability. The understanding of the activity, and the different concepts we are implementing are starting to come together quite nicely. The idea of spreading out the defense, and apply taught skills correctly is starting to come about. there is one more lesson of full game play left. Hopefully during this lesson all of the students in all of the classes will understand how to apply skills, strategy, and the rules of rugby during gameplay. I have noticed some of the students are taking this activity too seriously. I mean that they are getting to the point where their emotions are so strong that in some cases I have been afraid fights will break out. I find this odd becasue it is a non contact activity, and I try to break the teams up as evenly as possible. When I notice an event like this I bring the students together and remind them about sportsmanship, and how they are held to personal and social responsibilities for a grade. Other then these few and far between events the students are doing well, and it is nice to see them progress in something that I have taught them.

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