Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October 3rd, 2012

Today I thought began extremely positive. I came in early and was able to exercise before my first period class, and it really prepared me before class. I was able to get the students extremely excited for game play today, and they were really into applying the three different concepts of application in game play. These concepts were the application of skills, strategy, and game rules. The first three classs I thought performed these concepts in game play with extreme accuracy and every student I felt deserved a four in their grading for the day. this is the highest score that one can recieve. Also one technique that I used was amking every student touch the ball before they were able eto score a try. This caused every student to participate to the best of their ability and really feel part of the team. I saw smiles, and laughing today. This really made me feel great that I could impact the students in this way. My last class though struggled and all of the positive feelings I had almost deminished. I saw for the first time students arguing, and almost fighting over arguments that were in my eyes pointless. They were all based upon clear cut rules that I had explained in great length. i brought the students in about four times to try and solve this delema. Nothing I did seemed to solve this issue. I hope this is not a common occurence, becasuse if it is their will be some changes put in place.

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