Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 2nd, 2012

The day I thought went quite well. I did not perfrom my usually daily routine of lifting before class. Normally this helps to get my body prepared for class, and teaching, but latley it has just made me tired. What I did today instead was use this extra time to prepare for my upcoming lessons, and to perform some research in to the kidnastics unit I will be performing when I go to Geneva in my second placement for elementary teaching. The book I found most interesting was actually written by an instruct of mine from SUNY Cortland, Eric Malmberg. This I found to be quite ironic. Classes today I thought went well in comparison to yesterday's classes. I really have been trying to decrease the time in which it takes me to get get re-adjusted each week to teaching. By my second class this afternoon I felt like I was back in the routine of teaching. Today many of the students really worked on incorporating punting techniques within their rugby game play. They were using this as a strategy if they were down to their third ruck, and needed a goal. In these lessons like I have said in previous entrys the main focaus of these last lessons is to incorporate game play with skill, strategy, and rules application. The last class I found today was the class that implemented these concepts the best. This class was the class I used for my teacher work sample, and they are somewhat smaller in numbers. This causes each student to touch the ball and perform the technical aspect of the the concepts taught. Overall today was a great day. I hope the progress of the students keeps increasing.

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