Thursday, October 4, 2012

October 4th, 2012

Today started extremely positive, with me being ready for classes to enter, and as my host teacher says, "Teach some kids up!" The first class came in and were a little rowdy at first, but many of the students at the beginning of the year stood up and got the other students in the group to calm down. I have put a lot of pressure on these students to stand up and be leaders, and I believe it is starting to work. The students worked well together in games and applied all of the different concepts that I taught to them. This was extremely pleasing to see. Toward the end of class I asked the students to place all of the equipment back correctly. They did, but the students that I have been having act as leaders were there the entire time organizing everything. It was good to see this evolvement from the the beginning of the year until now. The end of the day went good, but not great. Due to a fire drill we were limited on time, and were only able to participate in only a few minutes of game play. This was alright because the students knew what to do, but I felt bad because if their limited time compared to other classes. Coaching today I thought was one if my better days. Normally I am only able to help with activities by being their in support of my host teacher. Lately though he has been giving me more responsibilities, and next week I will actually be running an entire week of practices. Then on the eleventh I will coach my first game. This I am extremely excite for. Today we had an odd number, and I was able to participate as well. It's was a learning experience for me for the skills we were performing. I found out I could perform them quite well. Over all it was another great day.

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