Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 9th, 2012

Today was a superintendent's day here at the Victor Central School District. What was discussed today was the creation of the SLO's, or student learning objectives based upon the pre-assessment performed a few weeks prior. It was agreed upon that the goal for the students was that 75% of the students would increase their score by a point. This I believe is a reasonable goal for the students. I was not able to help much during this time, but I was able to help with the excel spread sheets that held the students scores, so in this way I was able to participate in the SLO process. Also today once the meeting broke I was able to find out about the other side of being a Physical Education Teacher. I had to repair equipment for the upcoming badminton lesson by raiding the janitors closet, and using material from there. I have found there are many different tasks a P.E. teacher needs to perform that is not quite taught in college. It is a little humorous but I enjoy working with my hands, so I do not mind it. Also to prepare for the badminton lesson I had to get all of the equipment accounted for, and set it up for tomorrow. I really want to be prepared for tomorrow, so the classes are organized and ready for activity. I find it amazing that I am able to perform all of these different activities that I have limited background in. Being here at the Victor Central School District has really helped me to expand my horizons.

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