Sunday, October 21, 2012

October 17th, 2012

Today began as an amazing day. I was finally bale to come in early and exercise before class. This week has been quite hectic. I am trying to prepare everything for next week when I go to Geneva, and wrap up all of the different obligations I have here at Victor. I am sure I am over thinking the whole situation, but I do not mind doing so, because it allows me to be properly prepared. My first class began with enthusiasm and at the same time some sadness. Due to our three day block schedule here at Victor today will be the last time I will be able to see these students. It is somewhat hard when realizing I will more then likely not be able to teach these students again. I tried to give these students my best lesson thus far to ensure that I gave them everything that I had and leave a positive mark on the students when I left. The first lesson went well and I really put a lot of emotion in my teaching to try and liven up the lesson. This worked and the students loved it. Also when I told them I was leaving and this would be my last class with them they became quite upset. I did not know they appreciated me so much, and it gave me a good feeling to realize this. The class after this I felt did not go as well as the first. The students were off task and did not understand the topic, I attribute this to the substitute that they had because I chaperoned a field trip the week before. This class left a bad taste in mouth. I really felt as though I failed them in not being able to help them understand the skills, and relay the benefits it could have for them in life. The last class though I knew I had to do do well in. The athletic director was coming to observe one of my classes. I began the class with an assertiveness I have only felt before during my portfolio interview. It was almost to the type of focus that you only get before a big athletic event. I felt as though I performed amazingly. My host teacher and the other teachers around me thought this was the best lesson I had ever performed. The students were on task and we were able to get through all the pieces because my organization was amazing. Over all it was an amazing day.

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