Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 16th,2012

Today I thought was an average ordinary type of day. Nothing eventful really occurred. My teaching was clear concise and I was bale to get through my lessons efficiently. My host teacher, who I also coach with told me about a volleyball team that he had that were so good they would always win. Due to the fact that they always won the only way for them to measure their progress was to set small goals within game play so that they could measure if they were increasing in ability or not. I felt like that today. My lessons were well organized, and I felt like I was becoming somewhat monotonous with my teaching. So in order to come up with a way to measure my teaching I set goals within my lesson. Now I am not saying that I am amazing at student teaching, it was just a way for me to keep me "moving forward" in my teaching. For my last class my goal was to get into an application of the skills during gameplay. I had to focus on my time management in order to be successful with this goal. I was teaching three new skills, luckily though I was teaching these to eighth graders which most of this information was review to. We got through the classes with around four minutes to spare. This was just enough time to get into gameplay. So I reached my goal for the day. This does not mean I am going to stop though. I wish to keep this goal and build upon it in my last day of this lesson block tomorrow.

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