Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

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In today's fast paced world it is easy to fall into a life where you are not always happy. Totally being consumed by your work, and being in an environment where you feel less than appreciated can not only have an affect on ones mental health, but in time these effects can manifest physically. On a brief side not you can see how this statement is based on truth by simply looking at our Presidents. When a President first goes into office they are usually youthful looking, but later into their term they have grey hair and many stress related age marks shown on their face.
So being that the workload and stress of everyone in the world is increasing, the rate of unhappiness is as well. I feel as though this rate is much to high, and steps need to be taken. I recently read an article on promoting happiness in a fast paced word that was on the Discovery Fit & Health channels's website. They outlined eight essential steps that one can do throughout the day to try and lessen these stressor's impact on your daily life. The first idea they outlined, was to set priorities and slow down. This I feel is important because it allows people to actually think about what they are doing and not just run on auto pilot. The second one, and which I feel is the most important is exercise! Exercise for me is a time in which I can reflect on events in my life, or work out different situations. So many times have I been stuck on an assignment and gone to the gym, physically activity allows for my mind to calm and for me to work these problems out. Next is meditation, not on the past or future, but on the present. The next one is really quite obvious, "simplify your home." The environment you live in is actually a key factor in stress, if the environment is pleasant then in turn you will be less stressed. The fifth and six one I am going to group together. These are, "be an optimist," and "find content in what you have." I have grouped these together, because they are somewhat interrelated. Having a positive outlook and being happy with yourself are some of the most important actions a person can take! Goal setting is also important for happiness, that is why in this article they state that creating a mental image of where you would like you life is so important. Lastly, be compassionate! They do not directly mean this towards others, but firstly towards ones self, for you cannot love others until you love yourself!
These I feel are just a few important ways that one can keep their happiness and drive in this ever evolving world. I feel as though this is especially beneficial to first time teachers, who will most definitely be struggling with an overwhelming amount work and pressure.

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