Monday, March 19, 2012


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An idea was brought up today during class that has always been a thought of mine, but I have never truly put it to words. This idea has been around for more than likely thousands of years, and many people have heard of it before. The saddening part though about this thought is that in modern times it is almost thought of as a cliche, and is most likely the reason as to why it's power has mostly evaded me. Now finally to unveil this idea to all of you, because I am sure by now most of you are dying to know what exactly it is I am talking about, so at last, "what is the body without the mind," or vis-versa. This thought of "what is the mind without the body," though is what I am interested in explaining.
I feel as though this idea is actually more important to me as a future Physical Education teacher. See many individuals within certain communities, or even certain school districts do not value Physical Education the same way that I value Physical Education. This is the personal opinion of others, and I am learning to respect the views of others even though they are so different than my own. I am starting to understand that beliefs are central to the knowledge that one contains. That the limitations of their knowledge form who they are, and what they believe to be certain truth (another idea I am starting to understand). So the point I am trying to make is that many people have never known about the true benefits of Physical Education, so it is written off as some bogus, unimportant subject that has no business being in the cognitive education of our youth. understanding the quote I recently brought in, "what is the mind without the body?," one can now see that Physical Education is the core element of learning! This idea has been backed by brain learning, where physical activity has been monitored among school aged students, and then their brains have been monitored to see if areas associated with learning present a higher area of stimulation. The answer is YES, physical education causes a significant increase the areas associated with learning. This type of information I feel finally gives concrete credibility for Physical Education, and its role within the curriculum of a school.  This is the knowledge I was talking about earlier that can change the thinking of skeptical individuals that do not understand the power of Physical Education. In time though I feel this idea will spread to others, and truly become the way of thinking.

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