Wednesday, March 21, 2012

You Are What You Eat!

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So as the old saying states, "you are what you eat." Now I am sure that many people have heard this, but has anyone ever truly thought about it? Yes,  I eat vegetables, fruit, grains, dairy, meats..etc. All the parts of the food plate and a healthy diet. At least that is my own personal opinion about my diet. So I should be good right? I am a genetically modified, hormone enhanced individual just like everyone else! WAIT, what?
So now that your attention is fully fixated upon this article, give me a chance to explain this outrageous statement. Many food companies in search of yielding a larger profit from their product, or simply trying to protect their product from blights or something of that nature have opted for a quicker route to the solution. Instead of taking the time to properly grow and bread products such as vegetables and meats they have instead decided to modify these products either at the genetic level, or by using supplements. Livestock for example are given steroids in order to increase muscularity, in turn yielding a larger profit in pounds of meat per head. Also milk cows are given hormones that that a larger amount of milk can be produced by a single cow. These are ways that products are modified by supplements. So many people may be thinking, "so what?," now ask yourself this, where do all of those hormones go to after the animal is processed? The answer is, into the person who is consuming it. Now I do not know the direct correlation between this, but it makes me wonder that this may be the reason that people are increasing in size, hitting puberty earlier, and also possibly I wonder if this is having an affect on obesity rates. Now this is just speculation, but it makes since if you introduce foreign hormones into ones body their will be some sort of physiological effect, correct? "Okay, don't eat beef I guess. That'll stop it." Wrong, most every product that is in mass production within the food industry has been touched by this idea. Chicken is genetically modified to produce larger portions of breast meat, soy beans are genetically altered to be resilient to certain infections, corn is modified and then fed to these animals! Everything that a person thinks is natural and healthy is probably in fact engineered in some part by humans. Now this is kind of a scary thought to have, but the absolute truth of this is their is no way to avoid genetically modified or enhanced foods. It is nearly impossible within today's society. My large concern though, and why I am writing this article is because I fear for the health and safety of future generations. What is going to be the long term effects of having foreign hormones, and eating genetically enhanced products. Will this cause our biggest health concern of chronic illnesses to increase among humanity due to unseen issues that are going to arise? I do not know that future, but as Sarah Conner from the Terminator said, "no fate but what we make," so is this the future we want for our young?
Let me know your opinion on this subject. I would love to hear any reactions or thoughts.

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