Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Managing a Concussion

EEG with 32 elektrodes
EEG with 32 elektrodes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I thought as though it would be important to not only explain what a concussion was, it's origins and symptoms, but to also explain various ways of treating a concussion. What I found was an article that somewhat explained how to treat the damaging effects that concussions can have without the use of medicine.
The article that I found first went into detail about the statistical nature of concussions. Also this was the first article I found to refer to concussions as mTBI, or mild traumatic brain injury. This is now becoming the more widely used name to describe concussions. This article stated that approximately 1.4 million people sustain a TBI each year within the United States, and that almost 75% of those are mTBI. So as one can see just from that statistically data mild traumatic brain injuries are a prevalent problem. Also the article stated that from this staggering amount almost 80% of those individuals experience post concussion syndrome, or PCS. PCS is a by product of concussions, and can significantly effect the life of the individual possessing them. PCS usually effects the working memory, as well as the verbal memory of an individually, and that luckily for most this effect is usually cured within a month of the initial accident. Unfortunately though about 7-15% of those afflicted can have symptoms lasting over a year. What this article said would be helpful in the managing of PCS, without the aid of medicines, is to be properly educating about what is happening, and how they can deal with it. They basically stated within the article their is no cure, but that one must simply wait for the results to subside. I can speak from personal experience that nothing does seem to help when one has long lasting PCS, the only thing that did help though was the managing of symptoms as they showed themselves.
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