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On the Field Evaluations: Concussions

Yadier Molina suffered a mild concussion on Ju...
Yadier Molina suffered a mild concussion on June 15, 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I thought that being able to discuss the particulars of how a concussion is diagnosed on the field would be a great contributor to my paper. I found before a few bits of information that related to this subject in previous searches, but not an article that went to such depths as this one.
The precise steps of what to do in the event of an athletes injury is depicted. As to whether or not advanced personal are needed, and what needs to be done when certain equipment is being used by the athlete. The article also states the follow-up procedure necessary for when an athlete receives a concussion, indicating as to how they should be monitored. The only discrepancy that I have found with this article compared to others is the statement they make as to whether or not an athlete should return to play after a concussion on the same day as it was received. I have found through other research that this is in fact unethical, and should not be done. Also the description as to how to look for neurological  damage is given by this article. They give a list of guidelines that most first responders follow when looking for neurological damage within an athlete. These tests are performed periodically throughout the day, to better diagnose the severity of the damage and to see if any other problems arise.
What I find interesting is the lack of first responders at high school sporting events. I had a situation at a tournament I was coaching at where one of my athletes got injured. He received what I thought was a concussion. I know quite well the signs and symptoms of concussions, and I wanted more advanced personal to come and assess him. What I found was that this school did not have any medical care provided, and that it was due to cost. They told me that they could call in medical care individuals, but that it would cost money. This to me was appalling. I feel as though medical care individuals should be present at all sporting events, just in case situations like this arise.
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