Thursday, January 19, 2012

Developing Philosophy

As promised I am now going to elaborate on my developing philosophy that pertains to education and coaching.
Last year was a dark year for me. My philosophies on teaching I feel were skewed by the anger I held within my self due to the injury I received during wrestling here at Cortland. At the time I felt as though my life had been ruined, and that I would never recovery from the traumatic brain injury I had acquired. My feeling towards sports within Physical Education declined, in fact I did not believe that it was an important part in any respect to P.E. I strongly voiced my opinion to all that would listen. I felt as though I had a solid argument towards disbelievers. I just did not want what happened to me to happen to anyone else. I would not wish that pain on anyone. I stuck to this belief up until I began to coach wrestling this past winter.
What I have noticed is that how you train an individual in a sport can have an impact on how they carry themselves outside of that sport, for example in regular schooling. The Head Coach and I instill respect into our athletes, not only to be directed toward us and their teammates, but to have pride and respect for oneself. We have had many teachers come up to us and tell us how these students that are our wrestlers have changed drastically in their demeanor. This change has been for the better! Grades are improving, and class interruption by certain individuals has ceased. I truly feel as though this is due to our teaching. So in short I believe that teaching respect through the physical within sport can have a positive impact on the learner. I still strongly believe in lifelong fitness and its large importance in the future of the Physical Education curriculum, but sports I now understand can play an important role as well. My developing philosophy I feel shows that I am a reflective teacher, and am always learning from what I do. This I feel is the only true road to success. One must see what they have done, take the positive and the negative and then strive to make them self better.
I hope that my teaching is an inspiration to individuals, causing a change within themselves for the better. That I can instill within them the self confidence and knowledge to help them to become a healthy and confident individual.
I believe that all children can be reached, and that no child should be left behind for any reason. Everyone can be taught, it is just a matter of how they learn, and how the teacher presents the knowledge to them.
I will do everything within my power to pass on the knowledge that I have to my students. The knowledge that I hold can change them for the better. It can help them grow into a respectful confident individual. I will teach through the physical and try my best to reach everyone that I teach.
This is my oath to all.

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