Friday, January 27, 2012

Jumping Toward a Healthy Heart

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Jump Rope for Heart is a national fundraising organization that raises money for cardiovascular disease, stroke, and health education. This program is sponsored by AAHPERD and AHA. Within in this program knowledge about heart disease, and preventative measures that can be taken are presented to students and then shown through the physical. Students take place in a wide array of activities that promote cardiovascular endurance and a health enhancing style of life.
For the past two years I have helped with this program at the Midlakes Elementary school. It has been not only an educational experience for the me as a future teacher, but for the students and community as well. That is why I feel strongly about this program, because it allows a chance for the parents to come in after hours and learn about what their child is actually doing within Physical Education. It gives the children to be active outside of school, which is a growing problem within the United States due an every increasing level of sedentary lifestyles. This program allows a chance for the community to come together and learn about health awareness efforts, and how a health enhancing lifestyle can be applied throughout daily life.
I enjoy participating in this program, because it allows me to give back to a community where I grew up and that gave so much to me. It allows me to teach to others the knowledge I have obtained during my years in higher education on my path to becoming a Physical Education teacher. I have made bonds with many parents, students, and professionals through the networking I have done during this program. This is the type of teaching I would like to base my curriculum off of when I become of Physical Education teacher. Lifelong fitness is a passion of mine and as I have stated before a "healthy learner leads to a happier learning." Physical Education is more than just "rolling out the ball," and community uniting programs like this one help to demonstrate the New Era of Physical Education. 

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