Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hope for the Future?

One of the number one topics being discussed within the world of health and Physical Education concerning children is the ever climbing number of children who are obese. This is indicated by an individual having a BMI(Body Mass Index) of 30 or more. BMI is calculated by ones height and weight. It is not the most accurate way to attain if one is obese because it does not account for muscle, but it is a baseline with which to start. Obesity among children is a new threat, and with it has come horrifying side effects. Hypertension, arthritis, and diabetes are a few of the side effects that are being seen in children whereas before would not be seen until early adulthood. These are just physical aliments that occur because of obesity. This does not include the psychological damage that is occurring  within these children. Ones body image truly is part of the road to happiness, because a person must be happy with them self before they can be happy elsewhere. It is the first time in history that the expected lifespan of a child is less than that of the previous generation. I feel that this is unacceptable. A nationwide goal has been set in order to combat this alarming news. It is called Healthy People 2020
This organization provides science based goals and objectives that will be instilled during a ten year period in hopes to combat the growing health concern within the United States.Their basic underlying goal is to promote health awareness. This all starts with the children, and it is our job as Physical Educators to give to our students the tools that they need to become healthier individuals. They must be made aware of the importance of a proper diet, and how exercise is important to ones overall physical and mental health. One aspect with in schools I feel should be changed that would help with this goal are the school lunches; they should be healthier, and more nutritious. A healthier brain is a smarter more attentive one. Sadly though I feel this program will not be successful unless the entire nation bands together in a direct unified effort to stop childhood obesity. Physical Education must expand outside of the normal limits pushing towards lifelong fitness and activities. As I have stated before, this is the future of Physical Education, and hopefully through are teachings a generation of lifelong physically educated individuals will arise because of it. 

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