Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hello Again!

Hello everyone! It has been too long since my last blog. I have done much in this time with regards to my life, and professional development. My philosophies of teaching have developed as well due to the many experiences I have had during this time. I will elaborate further on these in upcoming blogs.
So lets begin where I left off. Last Spring I left my 255 class with a wealth of knowledge, eagerly awaiting my 256 placement at the Victor School District. I was somewhat nervous, but confident in my ability to utilize the tools taught to me by my 255 instructor Dr. Stephen Yang. My time at Victor was amazing. I was fortunate enough to be placed in an amazing program, with some amazing teachers. I absorbed all that I could during my time there. I wanted to learn as much as I could about their teaching philosophies, and curriculum guidelines, so that some day I too will be able to develop an outstanding Physical Education Program like that of which I saw at the Victor School District!
School began that fall again for me. I had finally gotten over my injury that plagued me for almost six months prior. I was finally able to be me again, and I wanted to show everyone my true abilities now that I could function without becoming ill. I decided to focus much of my ability into my teaching classes like that of Early Childhood, an Adapted Physical Education. I used every skill that was taught to me during 255, and what I learned during my 256 experience and focused that into every lesson I taught. I thought that I had a fairly basic understanding of teaching at this time, but what I learned from true first hand experience with students was amazing. I was able to develop my ability to converse with students, and how to convey the message that I was trying to teach. I feel as though this is a crucial part of teaching that many people lack, and can only be gained through experience. Towards the middle of the semester I re-injured myself, and it took a toll on me not only mentally and emotionally, but physically as well. I had to find a strength in myself to keep moving forward, not for me, but for my students. I owed it to them to push through any pain, or sickness I may have felt. In the end everything worked out, and I feel as though what I learned from this experience will be with me form the rest of my teaching career, and life.
This past winter I was given a chance to coach High School Wrestling. I jumped on this opportunity, not for any personal gain, like that of a "resume builder," but for the opportunity to help others. To spread my knowledge that I had worked so hard to accumulate during my time, and pass that on to another hopefully impacting them for the better. I have always stressed that one must "Teach Like a Superhero." I have been saying this without fully understanding the meaning. Now though I believe I understand. To be a Hero one must be selfless, courageous, and strive to help others no matter what. To be a true teacher one must do everything in their power to help a child succeed, they are there to be the support a child, helping them to develop into a better human being. Every action that is taken is not for personal glory, but for the betterment of the program, and its  ability to better facilitate the child's development. I feel as though the world has become too overwhelmed with individuals wanting to make a name for themselves, and use others for their own personal gain. How is any progression suppose to be made as a group when society is made of all individuals? This is the question that I wonder. I feel as though the world needs more heroes in it in order to succeed. Even the small things count, everything adds up.
Everyday we talk to people and have conversations with one another. Some of these conversations we may not even remember. Just try not to forget this. The words you say could stick with someone, and grow to define them as a person. That makes you their hero in a way. Try and become someones hero! That is my message I spread to you.

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