Sunday, January 29, 2012


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As I stated in previous article I believe that a healthier student is a happy student, therefore they are more productive when it comes to education. One of the issues I brought up was the fact that school based lunches were inadequate in reinforcing the nutrition guidelines that Health and Physical Educators were trying to bestow among students. How can one practice healthy living, if the institution that they are being taught in does not practice healthy living? It seemed as though it was the day after I wrote about this a national reform was put in to act based on this very principle.
The last time the USDA had reevaluated the school lunch program was over fifteen years ago, and I feel as though this was too long. A large amount of research has been performed since then stating the importance of a healthy diet, and the USDA was lax in their attempts on recognizing these facts. Also what strikes me as being quite an alarming correlation is the time in which the reform took to be instated, and the time in which it took for the number of obese children within the United States to almost double. They are the same! This new reform follows the 2010 dietary guidelines for Americans. Monitoring of caloric intake, sodium levels, and saturated fat levels are among some of these. More whole grains are being implemented within the school lunch programs, and soon all grain products will become whole grain. When comparing previous lunch menus to that of lunch menus now one can see the drastic improvement that has been made. I am quite pleased with this reform, as well as the other programs Michelle Obama has proposed for health education among school aged children. I look forward to seeing how this influences the life's of students, and how it helps them become healthier more progressive individuals.   

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