Sunday, January 22, 2012

Teachers, Schools and Society: Ch. 1-2

Teaching entails many many advantages as well as disadvantages. Being a teacher allows one to teach to others the knowledge that they contain to help develop them into a better human being. Also at the same time they themselves learn from the students through the students reactions of their teaching. This allows them to become reflective teachers and help develop a more effective teaching style. Also being a teacher allows for one to feel satisfied and accomplished when lesson is well performed, and learning has taken place. I have already had first hand experience with this during one of my few teaching episodes. During my Adapted Physical Education class I constructed lessons teaching the basic principles of the overhand throw, as well as reading elements. At the end of the year the parent of one of my students was so overwhelmed with joy that I took the time to help her daughter read. I felt so accomplished with myself, because improvement was made. That was the first time I believe I felt like a true teacher. Some drawbacks of being a teacher though can be the lack of respect for your profession. I have found this to be the case with being a Physical Education teacher specifically. I find myself always having to explain how teaching P.E. involves more than just "rolling out the ball." Modern P.E. encompasses multiple subject areas being brought together like art, history, science, and math. These are all brought into a lesson to enhance, and to be taught through the physical! Many though do not understand this. Being a teacher is also a full time job, this is especially so if one is to coach. I have found that out through my own experiences. Coaching entails hours of preparation, and hours of commitment. I feel as though this could be overbearing for some, but the reward of teaching for me is well worth it. 
Teaching in my eyes is most definitely a profession. We provide services to society and individuals by educating students in a multitude of "identified" subject areas. Each of the teachers in these areas possess a unique knowledge and skill. Teachings are standard based, and have a purpose while being in an environment that is controlled and enhanced for the best possible learning. Degrees are needed in order to be successful within this field. Within accomplished programs a trust is given by the public for the confidence and competence in the teachers. Self motivation to strive and become better is present within many teachers. Also beside the standards and schools wishes a teacher is given the flexibility to teach their information in any manner that they feel best suites the student. These are the reasons to why I feel teaching is a profession. 
Teaching started as a type of looked down upon profession. Many people that were teachers were apprentices to master teachers whose skills were not always the best. Most never received secondary schooling. Also in some cases teachers were indentured servants trying to pay off their debt of coming overseas into America. No professional program was present for teachers until 1823 when Reverend Samuel Hall established a school specifically designed for teachers. In 1839 Horace Mann established the first state-supported school for teachers. So now teachers were beginning to become more developed and on their way to being professionals. Many teachers were abused because they were not considered professionals during this time. During the 1950's though the education of teachers developed, and many of these educating schools turned into state colleges. However by 1980 was when the true professionalism in teaching developed. Many reforms were put into place to help improve teacher preparation, and professionalism.
NEA or the National Education Association is the largest professional and employee organization in the nation, and is a political force that tries to have pro-education candidates elected into office. They also consist of over three million members. Another organization, AFT or the American Federation of Teachers consists of over a million members, and basically has the same benefits as NEA. AFT is for standard based teaching, and beginning teachers to work with mater teachers in almost an apprenticeship type of learning. This book though brings up a good point as to how unions can cause unnecessary conflict between administration and teachers. Also I do not feel as though salary should be put before the students well being. Teaching in all reality is a selfless occupation. 
As I stated before I believe a teacher should be selfless, and put the well being of the student above all else. They should always strive to better themselves through reflective thinking and always try and search for a more effective teaching method. A teacher should try and incorporate all areas of learning to help in developing  a student into a more well-rounded individual. They should follow the standards placed upon them, and do everything in their power to apply this in all of their teaching. Teaching I feel is a good fit for me because I believe in these words, and I want to help and educate others. 

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