Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Apps for Lifelong Health!

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I have discussed the use of technology and health before, but I have recently discovered a few more applications that one can use to sustain a health enhancing life style. The best part is that these apps can be directly used within Physical Education!
The first app "TrainingLoad" I feel complies with New York State learning standard 1b. I say this because the app allows the user to calculate the intensity of a workout, and the rate of perceived exertion. Students within the classroom could use this to develop an exercise program. Some may be thinking that this is not really feasible for all students, because they do not have the resources to get this app. Really though all it takes is for one student within a group of, let's say five, to have this app. This I think is quite feasible, because of the ever growing popularity of smart phones with younger children. The next app is similar to the ones that I discussed in previous blogs. "Nexercise" is an app that monitors activity of the user, and gives rewards and points based upon this. I feel as though this could be used during the school day, and could be part of a community resource unit measuring physical activity outside the classroom. After all, why should Physical Education not have out of class assignments? All other subjects do. This next one is my favorite thus far, "Jog.fm" is an app that the user can jog or run with. What this app does is it uses the GPS location of the user, and it measures the rate at which they are moving. When the user moves fast, "run," the music tempo increases to enhance that "pump" feeling during an exercise. The app does the same for the user when they slow down, the music tempo decreases. This could be used during cross country skiing units, for when the students have free time to ski along the trails, as well as an array of different activities with P.E. Having this app would allow them to push themselves during class. The only problem I could think of with this though is its accessibility to all students, because not all of them may have an iPhone, or iPod. 
These are just a few of the apps that I found interesting. The use for technology in the classroom is endless, all one has to do is look for it! To be a reflective teacher, and try your best to enhance the learning environment for the students should be the goal of any teacher. This is just another way of following through with this, and it is my goal to be progressive in my teaching, and never settle for anything but the best possible way to help my students!  
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