Friday, February 17, 2012

Developing Philosophy: Part Two

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Within schooling I feel as though their are few key components in order for students to have the greatest learning environment possible. This to me means that the student is not only in an environment that allows for them to grow cognitively, but socially as well. 
In order for this to occur I believe that it will take a unified effort by everyone that is involved in the education of the children. Most importantly the parents of the children within the school district. I have found within my few brief experiences in teaching that many people have a sense of individualism, which is good, but sometimes this can be detrimental to the production of society. Everyone has basically the same goal for their child, which would be to succeed in schooling and life. The issue though is that everyone wishes to take separate paths on their journey to the same place. If society were to ban together and work as a unified force I believe much more progress would be accomplished in solving schooling issues, and insuring the best possible outcome for the students. 
When I teach and become an active contributor to a community my goal is to be the mediator for these groups, and bring their ideas together in a unified fashion. Within my school I will encourage the involvement of the parents as much as I can. Now many would have a problem with this, thinking that the idea of giving parents a voice would cause for your teachings to undermined and ridiculed, but I feel as though the insight of the parents is a crucial one. The line between parent and teacher will be well displayed, so that power issues like the one discussed will not occur. I am not just making these concerns up either. I have talked with many educators about the unified approach to education and this seems to be the consensus. What makes me believe in its power is that I have seen it be successful. It has allowed for a community of a district to become better, and help in the success of the children that were apart of it. This is why I feel so strongly that parent, and community unity is a key part in the educational future of the students.   

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