Thursday, February 9, 2012

SCCS Wrestling

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So today was the last practice before sectionals for my wrestlers at Southern Cayuga. This week Rich has been having themed based practices, all having to do with the body, and the various components that help form an athlete. These being strength, speed, agility, and smarts, today's practice being the last was about wrestling smart. This meant that practice was not as much physical, but had instead more of a cognitive aspect. We would quiz them on situations that required strategic thinking, like when to give up a point during a match, in order to get two in the future. These we felt were crucial components to their wrestling style that needed to be reviewed. The other new wrestlers were not quite ready for this in depth type of outlook on learning during the beginning of the year, but with the three we have going to sectionals we came to a consensus that they were now ready.
I also felt as though this was an important time to discuss with them the meaning of "heart." I told them that now was the time to not hold back, that this was their time to strive. When fatigue becomes so overwhelming, that then is the time the need to dig deep, and find the power within. If that they are able to accomplish this, then they can never be beat! I looked into all of their eyes when I was saying this, and all I could see back was a look of determination, and focus. I feel as though my words truly inspired these athletes. At the same time when I was saying these words to them I had visions of myself being in their position. My coach once said these same words to me. So now reflecting back on this I feel as if I truly am the teacher, and these are my students. Not in the sense of school, but almost of life, in the sense that these words I am telling them will always be their for them. These words will be their to guide them, and form the person they are. I hope the best for these students of mine in tomorrows tournament. I do not wish for them to go through life with the weight of "I could have," or "I should have been." I want for them to say "I did," and "I am." This is my wish fore them, and I believe they can succeed. 

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