Thursday, February 2, 2012

A New Look at Food

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The move I am about to discuss happened some time ago, but many have no knowledge of it. This is the reconstruction of the food pyramid. In fact the pyramid that we have all grown up with has now been turned into a food plate! A plate has been chosen because it best signifies what proportions an individual should have with their meal in an easy readable portrait. 
The original food pyramid that we all know, and grew up with(the 1992 version) had contained within it a number of six food groups. These were based on a quantitative amount, the bottom being the largest part of ones diet, and the smallest being the least important. This pyramid was based mostly off of carbohydrates, but as some may know, too many carbohydrates can be detrimental to the body's health. In order to try and correct this problem the United States Department of Agriculture, who is responsible for the creation and monitoring of the food pyramid came up with a new design. This design was intended to to promote exercise, and the measuring of food, instead of portioning food. This design was called the MyPyramid(2005), and it was a great improvement from the standard pyramid that most of us know. The only concern about this design was that it was not based solely on health, but large food processing corporations may have had an influence in its design, vying for larger "square footage" within the pyramid. So again in June of 2011 this design was again under scrutiny. What came form this was the food plate. The plate showed a easy to read way in which individuals could could organize their diets so that they could maintain a healthy lifestyle. 
I feel as though this new design is user friendly, and easily understood. This is important to me as future Physical Educator and health promoter, because younger students like elementary aged for example can look at what they are eating, and compare that to the food plate. This is a simple, but important way to increase health literacy within the youth of our nation which is greatly needed considering the rising number of unhealthy and obese children. 
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