Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Heart Month Now Begins!

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During the month of February our nation is banding together to celebrate Heart Month. This month signifies an effort to raise awareness to all about the growing threat brought to our nation by cardiovascular disease, heart attack, and stroke. A staggering 2,200 deaths are caused by heart related illnesses each day. That is equivalent to one in three deaths a day being caused by a heart related illness. The heart is such an essential part of life, but it is probably one of the most over looked parts of the body when people try and apply themselves in a program to become healthy. I say this in the manner I have because many people know the importance of a healthy heart, but when it comes to exercising most are just concerned about the size of their muscles in the mirror. I think of the body as being a machine, and every part of this machine must be running perfectly in order for daily life activities to be executed in the most efficient manner possible. Think of this as being like a car, if your tire is flat(injured leg) then you will not be able to travel far, but if your engine is seized(CVD) then you are not going to go anywhere.
The Department of Health and Human Services has come together in an effort to combat heart related illness. They have created a program called a "Million Hearts."This program has been created to target heart related illness like heart attack, and stroke from occurring in one million people from now until the year 2016. This program is hoping to accomplish this goal by educating individuals about heart healthy choices that can be made within their life. This programs goals I feel stem somewhat off of "Healthy People 2020" in the aspect that they would like to educate people in how to make healthier choices. "Million Hearts" program is trying to educate how tobacco use and a high sodium diet can lead to CVD by hardening arteries that stem from the heart. 
This program I feel is an amazing start to trying to reform the way people think about health. An easier way I believe to keep cardiovascular disease, and other health related illness rates down is by being proactive. I mean that it is important to instill within the youth of society what proper health habits are, and how they can perform them. As a future Physical Educator is my duty to see this through, insuring the health of our future. 
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