Monday, February 13, 2012

Sound Body, Sound Mind

I have spoken before about how important having a healthy body is for the mind. I mostly based this on psychological factors,saying that how one views themselves is important in mental health. This is true, but now their is evidence that actually supports a physical change within the mind may be linked to exercise. Naperville Central High School is this statements proving ground.
Paul Zeintarski the former Physical Education Coordinator of the Naperville School District was the one who discovered this correlation. Many districts believe that Physical Education is useless when it comes to the overall education of a student. When one thinks of school the first thought that comes to mind is math, or science. Physical Education has mostly been linked with the stigma of "that class where we played dodgeball." This type of thinking has lead to Physical Education being down played in most schools, especially so in high needs types of schools where grades are poor and improvements academically need to be made. Zeintarski states that this thinking "is the exact opposite of what is needed to be successful." The program at Naperville started over six years ago and since then scores in math and science have gone up considerably, so much that the only reason for this has to be linked to Zeintarski's program. Many doctors have studied this type of correlation, and have actually stated exercising before learning causes the brain to develop new neural-pathways. These pathways lead to better thinking, and retention of knowledge.
So as one can see the presence of a strong, healthy body allows for the brain in turn to become stronger, and healthier. This I would say is a situation where correlation does in fact lead to causality.
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