Saturday, February 18, 2012

Developing Philosophy: Part Three

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What is Physical Education to me? Well that is a good question, but I feel as though their is a more important question that leads to this. What is Physical Education to the average person? Answering this question to me is more important then my own feelings towards Physical Education.
I make this statement because I feel as though the thinking of others is more important than my own, after all it is not me that needs to be persuaded into believing in the positive effects that Physical Education can have on a person. I already know the truth, so now I must know what I need to do in order to help others believe. Many people have a preconceived notion about Physical Education, calling it that "gym class with the gym teachers." When people use this term I feel as though it paints a portrait about the type of program they were previously enrolled in, displaying that they were held to no standard for their actions. Also many students only think of Physical Education as the class where they run, sweat, and do not have fun. These thoughts now in turn help develop what physical Education is to me, and what it should be for others.
So that being said, Physical Education should be an educating environment helping students develop over many fields. It should be fun, and hold a feeling of invitation and warmth to the students who are involved in it. Physical Education should give the students an opportunity to learn life long skills to enhance health and wellness, as well as how, and where to apply this in the real world. Also this should be an environment where social growth, and a feeling of belonging should thrive and develop. This is what Physical Education means to me, and the meaning I wish to spread to others.
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