Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sectional Championship: Day II

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Yesterday was the second day of the Section IV Wrestling Championships. All three of the wrestlers we had brought to this tournament were in the wrestle back bracket. They each had tough losses the first day, and now was the time for them to show the heart I had been trying to explain to them and to wrestle back and gain third place.
None of our wrestlers were called to compete until about three hours into the tournament. Our first match was quite impressive, no points were scored on us, and we scored about ten. However though the next round was not so pleasant. Two of our wrestlers got beat meaning that they were now done with the tournament. The same ill fate followed with our last wrestler in the third round, he got beat, ending his season. This for me was quite a saddening experience. The two seniors that we brought there were brothers, and to see them lose and know that was the last time they would ever wrestle was heartbreaking. I could see the disappointment in their faces. I was especially saddened for our middle weight wrestler. He had probably the largest "heart" of the team this past year, and to see him get beat was almost like an attack on myself. I talked with one of the coaches from another school about how I felt so bad about these wrestlers losing. He told me that with the time we had to train our wrestlers that Rich and I were amazing coaches, and brought the team further than anyone expected. I felt as though this was a great compliment, and it made me feel somewhat better about the situation.
I am also somewhat saddened by the fact the season is now over. Realistically thinking I may never have the opportunity to coach at Southern Cayuga again. I have to follow where my life's road leads me, and their is a great possibility it will not end in Southern Cayuga. This got to me a lot. I feel as though I am abandoning the younger wrestlers because we brought the program so far from nothing, then possible leaving it so it will turn to nothing again. I guess this is a natural reaction though. I will have to look at the positives of the season, and reflect back on all the amazing people I met and were able to learn from. This experience did in fact allow me to love the sport of wrestling again, so I guess that is probably worth it all in itself.
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