Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Education is Key to a Better Future

Barack Obama
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My grandfather who I feel is one of the greatest, and truly inspiring individuals I have ever known has told me many different "words of wisdom" regarding life. The one piece of advice I can almost hear inside of my head him saying is "stay in school my bube (German for boy), the only way to move forward is to be smarter, not stronger." So what my grandfather was telling me to do was to rely on my mind to carry me through life, and to not just depend on my brute strength to succeed. I love to be physical, so I came to a happy median...I went to school to become a Physical Education teacher.
The new education plan proposed by President Obama somewhat tells this same type of idea, but for helping the economy to become more established. Obama would like to propose an eight billion dollar Community College Career fund in order to create more jobs. These jobs would be in areas like healthcare, clean energy departments, and information technology. I think that it is great that this program allows for apprenticeships, and on the job training to be a focus of some courses offered during college. The only real way to learn I believe is to actually be in a real life situation with a hands-on approach. What Obama really wants though is for jobs to not be outsourced, and to keep employers looking within the United States. 
As a soon to be teacher this for me means that an increased interest in higher education will be held by many senior high school students. I feel as though this is great, because the more a person knows the more equip they are to succeed in life. As a mentor I will be there to help them make these decisions, and hopefully send them on the path that fits them the best.  
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